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Wine List

Our extensive menu is complemented by our personally selected wine list. After tasting literally hundreds of wines over the years we only approve a handful for consideration. We taste the bad wine so you don’t have to. Salute!

All prices subject to change

ROSSI (reds)

1 Refosco (Zaglia) 21.00
this refosco has a deep violet colour and a slight bitterness.
On the palate, there are strong currant, wild berry and plum flavours

2 Cabernet (Zaglia) 21.00
violet in colour, herbaceous aromas of wild blackberry and soft fruits with nuances of spices and wood

3 Dolcetto (Lodali) 22.00
full and harmonious, notes of red fruits, soft with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste

4 Valpolicella Classico (Begali) 23.00
black olives, spicy undertones and ripe blueberries coat the velvety smooth palate, a light fragrant red similar to beaujolais

5 Montepulciano fonte romana (Pasetti) 23.00
ruby-red coloured with claret reflection; the smell is intense and fruity, with sensation of spices, nutmeg and cinnamon. Tannins are light and balanced. Soft and charming chocolate sensation.

6 Morellino di Scansano (Poggio Argentiera) 25.00
a fantastic alternative for Chianti lovers, rich, ripe, black cherry and berry flavours that blend into a pleasant tartness

7 Chianti 25.00
aromas of dark ripe berries embellished with smoke and earth, a great chianti classico

8 Nerod’Avola(Feudi del pisciotto) 26.00
the prince of Sicilian wines and the most dif cult variety to find in true purity. Rounded, warm and full-bodied

9 Shirazmerlotblend(Feudi del pisciotto) 26.00
this blend of merlot and syrae (shiraz) two international varietals, exalts a wonderful ruby red wine with intense fragrance of red fruits and vanilla. A smooth, fresh, elegant and well balanced wine

10 Rosso (Branko) 27.00
a fantastic, well balanced blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Fresh, with raspberry and blueberry on the nose, elegant black cherry on the palate

11 Valpolicellaripasso (Begali) 28.00
a fantastic ripasso, the stepping stone between valpolicella classico and amarone. Grapeskin, damson, light floral and mineral aromas and flavours. Medium bodied with a minerally finish, superb

12 Rosso (Moschioni) 28.00
On the nose an explosion of warm enveloping perfumes of berries, ripe plum, intense aromas of leather, roasted coffee and hints of cocoa to complete the intensity of the wine; the freshness is amazing

13 Montepulciano (Pasetti) 29.00
a vivid ruby red wine which smells of blackberry and blueberry, accompanied by hints of licorice, cinnamon and black pepper. Warm with soft and evolved tannins, balanced with good structure

14 Pinotnero (Masutdarive) 29.00
very delicate, fruity when young (raspberry and cherry), then opens memories of hazelnut, walnut, fruit of underwood. Carefully crafted wine with excellent persistence

15 Chianti classico (Rodano) 29.00
rich deep cherry, black fruit and fresh berry forward taste with deep wonderful structure and colour. Luscious plum, cinnamon, wild strawberries with a ruddy cherry sweetness. A sultry chianti classico

16 Tigiolo (Begali) 29.00
this is a ripasso blend of corvina and cabernet, obtained from the drying of grapes that have been left to rest during the months of September and October. Owing it’s name to it’s producers Tiliana, Giordano and Lorenzo, it’s deep slightly purple ruby with black reflections, intense and spicy, fantastic with red meat

17 Barbaresco (Lodali) 29.00
this wine is the queen to barolo’s king, and while not possessing the stronger avours, will win you over with a keen balance of fruit and earth

18 Nero d’avola versace (feudi pisciotto) 35.00
intense ruby red colour, typical of Nero d’Avola, delicate and persistent notes of red and black fruits, full, velvety and persistent

19 Celtico (Moschioni) 35.00
50% merlot and 50% cabernet – pitch black in colour with sweet, smoky notes of cassis, cherry and wet earth, excellent

20 Real (Moschioni) 35.00
50% tazzelenghe, 25% cabernet sauvignon, 25% merlot – a deep, inky purple, reveals earthy, exotic aromas laced with suggestions of blackberry jam, violets, spices, minerals, liquorice and mint. Supremely expressive wine packed with vibrant fruit

21 Merlot rosso degli ulivi (Aldo polencic) 35.00
hints of mature cherry with a minerally finish, a highly recommended merlot from this fantastic Friulan winemaker

22 Capatosta (Poggio argentiera) 35.00
deep purple in the glass, thick, deep purples to the edges. Explosive nose, super ripe, dark cherry, plums, vanilla, oak, very “chianti” on the nose

23 Barolo (Lodali) 37.00
rich, dark and deep, a robust, complex, powerful and full-bodied red

24 Merlot (La roncaia) 39.00
red cherries, blackberries, herbal spices, leather, dried tobacco leaves and strong nice tannins, complex and well balanced

25 Finisterre (Poggio argentiera) 39.00
a fruity cabernet franc blend with blackberry, blackcurrant and cassis aromas, accompanied by smoky notes

26 Semidis (Masut da rive) 39.00
world class merlot blend that we can unfortunately no longer source,
fantastic deep purple blend of merlot with cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon scoring 93/100 in this years merlot award, unbeatable wine, drink it while we have it

27 Chianti classico viacosta (Rodano) 40.00
a single estate reserve aged for three years before coming to market

28 Amarone (Begali) 49.00
dried cherries, raisins and figs are just a few of the complex aromas this wine has to offer

29 Amarone riserva ca bianca (Begali) 69.00
made from grapes harvested in Begali’s special monte ca bianca vineyard,
aged for four years in casks. Warm, solid and robust, an exceptional amarone for those that know!


32 Pinot Grigio Blush il Ramato (Scarbolo) 27.00
bright copper in colour with aromas of apple, wild berries and fresh citrus, fresh with a delicate saltiness

31 Rosalba (Pierpaolo Pecorari) 27.00
made from Montepulciano grapes, strong minerality and acidity, combined with a strawberry and wild rose aftertaste

BIANCHI (whites)

32 Verduzzofriulano(Sweet) 19.00
golden in colour, with hints of honey and peach flavours perfect for those that prefer their wine sweet, also exceptional as a dessert wine

33 Chardonnay 21.00
a full and pleasant taste with a complex bouquet

34 Frascatisuperiore 23.00
light, dry and fruity, easy drinking frascati

35 Pinotgrigio 23.00
a fragrant pinot grigio that’s quite zesty, full flavoured and slightly spicy

36 Sauvignon(masutdarive) 23.00
medium bodied with good acidity, a world class sauvignon

37 Inzolia(feudidelpisciotto) 23.00
a combination of two noble white grapes, inzolia and catarratto, whose enormous potential is only now being discovered, especially the catarratto that in the past was used to produce marsala. Blended in similar quantities they create a quite unique wine with an interesting personality

38 Soaveclassico (Suavia) 23.00
This is a profoundly Italian wine. Our idea of Soave: Fresh, fruity, easy to drink but with an unmistakable character at the same time

39 Mullerthurgau (Pravis) 24.00
an elegant muller thurgau of slight blush colour, with notes of tropical fruit and freshly-cut hay. Its flavour is strong and clear and it is very easy to drink

40 Gewurztraminer (Pravis) 24.00
a fantastic wine that has scent of apples, fragrant but not overbearing, very good nose and fruity on the palate, excellent paired with fish and seafood

41 Chardonnay (Branko) 24.00
lightly oaked, bursting with fruit and full of character

42 Malvasia (Tenutastella) 25.00
bright golden and very lively colour, characterised by intense fruity notes of apple, pear, banana and hazelnut. Fresh and soft, balanced with great structure and length on the palate

43 Chardonnay (Toros) 25.00
yellow in colour with notes of green apple, banana and crusty bread. A fantastic chardonnay from Franco Toros

44 Trebbiano“zarachè” (Pasetti) 25.00
a clean light dry white made from the trebbiano grape this has a fresh bouquet with lemon zest, honey and exotic fruit

45 Friulano 25.00
complex aromas of sliced peaches, almonds and light caramel precede a solid core of fruit that is balanced by ample notes of minerals and spices with a slight hint of bitter almond on the finish

46 Sauvignon (Branko) 25.00
classic sauvignon bouquet of fruit and herbs, lively flavours and a harmonious finish

47 Pinotgrigio (Branko) 25.00
hints of melon and green apple, with floral and light spice aromas

48 Pinotgrigio (Toros) 26.00
straw yellow colour, distinctive aroma and flavours of hay and hazelnut, very persistent with a strong structure

49 Sauvignon (Toros) 26.00
straw yellow with hints of fig leaf, sage and green pepper. A strong, persistent and well structured sauvignon

50 Pecorino (Pasetti) 26.00
the wine has a strong structure and a bouquet of elderberry and ripe fruits. It is soft and warm with a long persistence. Pairs well with risotto, light cheeses and white meats

51 Sauvignon (Draga) 27.00
complex, refined, elegant subtle notes of white peach with hints of elder flower. Clear and crisp, with a vibrant aftertaste

52 Gavi di gavi (Terre di vino) 27.00
made from the cortese grape, a super gavi distinguished by it’s crisp, floral, peachy, aromatic qualities

53 Pinot grigio olivers (Pecorari) 29.00
very very good, rich, fruity and oaky but balanced. Serious substitute for oak-aged white burgundies

54 Sauvignon kolaus (Pecorari) 29.00
unbelievable sauvignon, crystal clear, bright, golden yellow. Fat, hot, alcoholic.Finishpleasantlybitter.Masterfuluseofwood. Warmthand elegance, power and finesse

55 Grillo (Feudi del pisciotto) 29.00
grillo is perhaps the least known of the Sicilian varieties but certainly no inferior wine. With notes of dried pineapple, papaya and straw flavours layered with hints of honeycomb and white pepper make it instantly recognisable and memorable

56 Monte carbonare (Suavia) 32.00
a sharp mineral taste like rain on flint with the distinct fragrance the countryside releases when dampened by the first rain. A truly spectacular wine, one of our favourites

57 Eclisse sauvignon blend (la roncaia) 35.00
intenseperfumesandfruitynotes, afineelegantblendofsauvignon blanc and the precious picolit grape

58 Testarossa bianco (Pasetti) 35.00
an intense and complex golden yellow wine with hints of honey, passion fruit, vanilla and sage. A full bodied white with the perfect balance between alcohol strength and long aromatic persistence, cannot be recommended highly enough, very special


59 Red or White (75cl) 19.90

60 Rosé (75cl) 21.00

LE BOLLICINE (sparkling)

61 Lambrusco Rosso (Medici) 22.00
award winning dry sparkling red that will change your opinion of lambrusco forever (served chilled)

62 Prosecco 27.00

63 Pink Prosecco 29.00

64 House Champagne 35.00

65 Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label 69.00

66 Bollinger 75.00

67 Laurent Perrier Brut Rosé 87.00

68 Dom Perignon (Moet et Chandon) 185.00

69 Cristal 275.00

* Every so often,you may see a label announce that the wine is unfiltered; basically this is an explanation for the wine’s lack of clarity. For many years, wineries have used techniques to make a wine appear crystal-clear. This makes for a more attractive product as you can see right through them. However, these filtering processes also remove elements that affect the flavours and aromas of a wine, so some winemakers choose not to filter. They believe that filtering strips the wine of its full character and complexity, avoiding filtering also maintains organic status. We are great advocates of these unfiltered, organic wines and enjoy their richer and fuller flavour.