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Our Wine


For many years now we have personally tasted, selected and imported our wines directly from Italy.

All the wines we feature on our wine list are Italian. We source our wines directly from many different vineyards. After tasting literally hundreds of wines over the years we only approve a handful for consideration on our wine list. We taste the bad wines so you don’t have to!

The vineyards we visit are typically small and family owned with limited production, we try to avoid large vineyards as we don’t want wines that are readily found. We strive to offer something a little different with a lot of quality. All the winemakers we buy from care greatly about the authenticity, character and balance of their wines. We hope you get as much pleasure drinking our wines as we have selecting them.

As well as this main list, we have a further two wine lists please contact us for more information.

Download a PDF version of our wine list:

Wine List