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Lunch Menu


3 COURSE LUNCH: £18.90

(Available Monday to Thursday 12pm until late; Friday & Saturday until 5.30pm and Sundays 12pm until 9pm)


Soup of the Day
please ask

Spicy Chicken Wings
served in a garlic & chilli sauce

Fegatini alla Veneziana
chicken livers sautéed with onions & chilli

avocado, mozzarella & bacon salad

Duck Spring Roll
homemade duck roll served with plum sauce

Fish Cake
served with sweet chilli mayonnaise

Melone Fantasia
seasonal melon & exotic fruits served with a fruit coulis (V)

Minestrone alla Paesana
freshly made Italian vegetable soup (V)

Calamari Fritti
deep fried squid served on salad leaves with tartar sauce

Deep Fried Brie
served with cranberry

Mussels alla Crema
fresh mussels served with cream, white wine, onion and parsley

Smoked Salmon and Prawns
salmon served with prawns, salad and marie rose sauce

Tempura King Prawns
served with a sweet chilli mayonnaise

Italian Antipasto
selection of cured Italian meats, with leaves and olives

Duck a L’orange
duck breast roasted with Sicilian oranges, thinly sliced and served with leaves and toasted bread

Crayfish Orientale
crayfish tails served hot in a ginger & spring onion sauce

Goats Cheese
on a large field mushroom and crouton of polenta with a pesto dressing, roasted vegetables and salad leaves (V)

salt and pepper whitebait served with tartar

Black Pudding & Salami Bruschetta
pan fried with balsamic vinegar, caramelised onions and served on toasted bread

Pâté Della Casa
served with toasted bread and cranberry

Funghi Ripieni
button mushrooms filled with garlic butter and breadcrumbs (V)

Caprese Salad
mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil (V)

Fresh Asparagus
grilled asparagus served in a cheese sauce, gratinated with parmesan (V)

Williams Salad
thin pear slices, walnut and stilton served with a honey and citrus dressing (V)


Rump Steak al Pepe
thinly pounded rump steak cooked with freshly ground black pepper in a cream and brandy sauce

Saltimbocca alla Romana
escallops of pork topped with speck in a cream, sage and brandy sauce

Lemon Sole
rolled and filled with seasoned spinach, served in a creamy asparagus and prawn sauce

Calves Liver Veneziana
strips of calves liver cooked with onions and balsamic vinegar, served with spring onion mash

Risotto (Please ask for today’s Risotto)
risotto cooked with crayfish tails, tiger prawns and wild mushrooms

Spicy Chicken
tender strips of chicken pan fried in ginger, garlic, spring onion, mushrooms and sweet chilli, served with rice

Pheasant Toscana
pheasant breast pan fried with lardons of pancetta, wild mushrooms and red wine, served with a truffle filled ravioli

Duck Leg à L’orange
served in an orange and apricot sauce

Pollo alla Crema
chicken breast cooked in a fresh cream, mushroom, onion and white wine sauce

Salmon Rolled with Scallops
served in a creamy crayfish and thermidor sauce

Pigs Cheeks
slow cooked in a rich red wine sauce, served with horseradish mash


Vegetarian Lasagna
layers of egg pasta with mediterranean vegetables (V)

Fusilli all’Amatriciana
pasta served in a smoked ham, Italian sausage, spicy salami and tomato sauce

Penne all’Arrabbiata
pasta tubes in a spicy salami, peppers and tomato sauce

layers of pasta rolled and filled with meat and spinach

Ravioli al Granchio
large crabmeat filled ravioli served in a tomato, crayfish and basil sauce, with a touch of cream

Farfalle al Salmone
pasta ribbons in a light cream sauce with fresh salmon, smoked salmon, sun dried tomatoes and basil

pasta layered with Italian bolognese and béchamel sauce

Pasta Carbonara
neapolitan pasta in a classic creamy, egg, pancetta and parmesan sauce

Tortelloni Ricotta
pasta parcels filled with spinach and ricotta served in a cream sauce

Tortellini alla Crema
meat filled pasta in a cream, ham and mushroom sauce

Crespelle Orchard
folded pancake filled with chicken, ham and spinach, finished in a creamy cheese sauce


the classic mozzarella, tomato and oregano pizza (V)

cooked ham and mushrooms

Pizza Diavola
with spicy salami

Pizza Piccante
with red onions, grilled chicken and peppers

Pizza Vegeterian
grilled aubergine, courgettes, peppers & asparagus (V)

Pizza Zingara
chicken and sweetcorn

Pizza Tonno
tuna and onion


Bowl of Olives 3.90

Garlic Bread 5.30

Garlic Bread with Tomato 5.30

Garlic Bread Mexicano 5.50
onions, tomato fresh chilli and garlic

Garlic Bread Speciale 5.70
chilli, rosemary, pancetta, cherry tomatoes

Garlic Bread with Cheese 5.90

French Fries 3.50

Mixed Salad Bowl 3.90


(£1.00 supplement with ice cream)

Lemon Crunch Cheesecake

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Italian Bread and Butter Pudding
served warm with vanilla sauce

Meringue Nest
berry compote, fresh meringue and whipped cream

Homemade Tiramisu

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Crème Brûlée

Selection of Ice Cream

All menus and prices are subject to change